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Between weekend trips and complete off the grid living, our portable power station keeps you and your gear charged. You will find yourself coming up with multiple ways to power your life and the things we take for granted every day. The Blackfire Portable Power Station is a smart substitute to gasoline-powered generators. Imagine running small appliances, lighting systems, cellphones, laptops, drones, movies, and more. Packing 546 Wh of juice, It’s more versatile than a lead-acid battery or generator.

Device Charging Specs

The Blackfire Power Station has two 120-volt AC ports with 300-watt continuous output and 600-watt surge output capability; four USB ports, two Type A and two Type C; and there is a digital display with real-time telemetry. It can charge most phones 40 times and most laptops six to 10 times. The AC output is pure sine wave 120V, too, for sensitive electronic devices. 

Going further in any journey is always easier when we lighten the load. Blackfire's Portable Power Station is on the diet to make things easier. Through rigorous product development and use of Lithium-Ion battery cells, Blackfire has lightened the load making it easier and more portable for a variety of users and ages. Having an easy to carry handle makes this portable power station more practical for trips and even every-day use. From the backyard to the backcountry, travel light and travel smart! 


Rethink the way you see the outdoors when you add some energy to it. Having a portable power station turns can turn movie night into a whole new perspective by powering a portable projector. Even while camping, having the power for basic necessities of a quality lighting system can be a huge plus when out your family or team in the evening hours. Powering your next tailgating event can be just as easy when it comes to electric coolers and fridges.  The Blackfire Portable Power Station keeps your equipment powered so your food and drinks at a perfect temperature. 

Charging your power supply is easy! With the supplied AC wall adapter you will be at full power in no more than 8 hours! But what about when you run out in the great outdoors? Our Power Station is built to be compatible with most common portable solar panels on the market giving you the versatility to choose which option is best for you. Solar charging time may vary depending on your set up and weather conditions. It’ll charge itself from a wall outlet if you’re in civilization or from a solar panel if you’re not.

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Solar Ready Portable Power

The Blackfire Portable Power Station packs a unique integration feature allowing for the attachment of our portable wireless speaker. Its as easy as a twist and a lock and you will have portable power and the party all in one package. Capable of charging your speaker right from the side of the power station through a micro-USB cable!

Power Station Accessories

Find it all right here: https://www.blackfire.com/shop/portable-power/portable-power-station

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