Founded in 2008, Blackfire® is a company that is driven to give our community the right tools and gear to bring their job or experience to the next level. Our history started with the creation of the Clamplight line. Building on the idea of having a light that could stand on its own, be hand-held, or clamped to keep you hands-free. All of this created the basis for our focused theme of versatility.


Blackfire products are designed by a team of weekend warriors and sportsman alike. We honed in on the potential of supplying multi-functional led lighting for outdoor work and play. If you have been thinking about planning that next trip or making the jump on your next project, we offer a variety of products to help give you the edge.


Blackfire is all about the outdoors whether camping, overlanding, rving, or playing the weekend warrior. It’s about the experience and thrill of the journey which fired us up to bring portable, versatile, and rugged accessories built for the path ahead.


Blackfire’s Outdoor LED Lighting, Multi-Tool, Wireless Speaker, and Portable Power System are design to be the next addition to help you break free from the limitations that might hold you back when leaving the grid.


At Blackfire, we know that when it comes to the tools and gear needed, space can be minimal. That’s why packing only what has maximum functionality brings the edge. Through all of our development and work, our team hopes to help light the way and power your next adventure. We look forward to your journeys to come!


Team Blackfire