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  • Magnetic Carabiner Floodlight

    Blackfire's new rechargeable LED lighting is the perfect accessory to have quick rechargeable power and light when away from our portable power station. The Blackfire WLMC1 Rechargeable LED Flood Light harnesses 515 lumens. What really sets it apart is its ability to perform as a magnetic light or attach anywhere using its carabiner, or swivel stand functionality. In addition, this light functions like a rechargeable battery pack and can charge out to power other devices such as a cell phone or headlamp. Check out more about the new Blackfire LED Flood Light right here.

  • Portable Power Stations
    Learn About Portable Power

    Blackfire's Portable Power Station is your solution to storing energy off the grid. Designed as a solar ready rechargeable battery, its a portable solution to recharging all your devices and appliances with its variety of output options. Perfect for outdoor camping, expeditions, even professional work. Charging ideas include: drones, camera equipment, electric coolers, outdoor projectors, led lighting systems, sound systems, and more! Charge at home or in the outdoors using most common solar panels on the market.

  • Blackfire Portable Wireless Speaker
    Blackfire Magnetic Speakers

    A wireless speaker that is built tough, and ready to get down and dirty on your next weekend trip or project! What sets this speaker apart from the rest, is in the name itself. Once in your hands, you will find yourself always looking for new areas to stick your favorite music. So go ahead, push the limits! Whether it's situations like in the shop, back of your 4x4, around the RV, on the grill, and beyond, there are always new ways to mount your Blackfire speaker!


Klein Tools Outdoor Brand

Our Passion // Our fire

Blackfire is an outdoor gear brand consisting of products created by a group of product development wizards at Klein Tools. This specialized team has spent as much time in the great outdoors as they do on the jobsite to develop the addiction for outdoor-related products and tools.

Concerned with the lack of quality with current outdoor products on the market, our team looked toward the strengths of their own jobsite accessories and brought them along for the journey. We quickly realized the advantages of our durable and reliable gear, as we are very tough when it comes to using them in the outdoor elements.

We knew the products could withstand the rigors of the jobsite, but recognized that they needed to be adapted to the needs of the outdoorsmen vs the tradesmen. Thus, one dark night, while sitting around the campfire, the idea behind the brand was created. That idea was the essence of the Blackfire product line!

Blackfire - Ignite your adventure!