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Klein Tools Outdoor Brand

Klein Tools Outdoor Brand

Blackfire is an outdoor gear brand consisting of products created by a group of product development wizards at Klein Tools. This specialized team has spent as much time in the great outdoors as they do on the jobsite to develop the addiction for outdoor-related products and tools.

Concerned with the lack of quality with current outdoor products on the market, our team looked toward the strengths of their own jobsite accessories and brought them along for the journey. We quickly realized the advantages of our durable and reliable gear, as we are very tough when it comes to using them in the outdoor elements.

We knew the products could withstand the rigors of the jobsite, but recognized that they needed to be adapted to the needs of the outdoorsmen vs the tradesmen. Thus, one dark night, while sitting around the campfire, the idea behind the brand was created. That idea was the essence of the Blackfire product line!

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  • Blackfire Folding Saw Resting over 5 inch log that it cut
    The Ultimate Camping Saw

    The Blackfire Outdoor Folding Saw is ideal for clearing small limbs and controlling trees and fallen brush. The fast-cutting carbon steel blade is as sturdy as a fixed blade saw but folds smartly into the comfort-grip handle. The lock-back mechanism secures the blade at a full 180 degrees and also at 125 degrees for those hard-to-reach spots. This folding saw is perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, clearing limbs around a treestand for hunting, and more! Having a camping saw is perfect for multiple scenarios in the outdoors and great for creating manageable-sized logs for your fire!

  • Blackfire Portable Fan Clamped To Chair
    Best Camping Fan For 2022

    Staying cool while enjoying the outdoors in the hot sun can be easy with the right rechargeable camping fan. Blackfire offers the perfect solution with its Rechargeable Portable Fan perfect for camping, days at the beach, cooking outside, and more.

    The Blackfire Fan easily clamps, stands, hooks, or hangs anywhere you need it to and allows you to position it at just the right angle to keep you cool. Its also easily rechargeable with a rear-mounted USB-C port for fast charging.

  • Outdoor Cooking with Blackfire Portable Power Stations
    Take Outdoor Cooking To A New Level With A Blackfire Portable Power Station

    While camping, it has always been my passion to cook up incredible tasting meals at our campsite for family and friends to enjoy. However, I am not of fan of packing charcoal and a grill for cooking. I am not a fan of cooking on gas grills, so taking a propane grill was also out of the picture. When at home, I do all my outdoor cooking on my Traeger Grills pellet smokers. I have an 885 square inch smoker for more significant cooks and 575 square inches for quick meals for our family. I also have a smaller portable Traeger called The Ranger that is ideal for searing meats at a hotter temperature after they come off one of the other smokers.