The Best Camping Saw 2022

Blackfire Outdoor Folding Saw

The Ultimate Camping Saw By Blackfire

The Blackfire Outdoor Folding Saw is ideal for clearing small limbs and controlling trees and fallen brush.

The fast-cutting carbon steel blade is as sturdy as a fixed blade saw but folds smartly into the comfort-grip handle. The lock-back mechanism secures the blade at a full 180 degrees and also at 125 degrees for those hard-to-reach spots. This folding saw is perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, clearing limbs around a treestand for hunting, and more! Having a camping saw is perfect for multiple scenarios in the outdoors and great for creating manageable-sized logs for your fire!

For those into bushcraft, this is the best bushcraft saw as it is light, strong, and compact.

This folding saw cuts 5" logs with ease so don't underestimate its size. 

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