Blackfire Magnetic Speakers

Magnetic Speaker

SpeakerA wireless speaker that is built tough, and ready to get down and dirty on your next weekend trip or project! What sets this speaker apart from the rest, is in the name itself. Once in your hands, you will find yourself always looking for new areas to stick your favorite music. So go ahead, push the limits! Whether it's situations like in the shop, back of your 4x4, around the RV, on the grill, and beyond, there are always new ways to mount your Blackfire speaker!


So how does it work? Centered on the rear, you will find a platform housing a non-slip, rubberized pad. Behind that, well that's where all the magic happens. Its home to a powerful magnet, capable of holding onto metal surfaces. Even when areas are covered with dirt, debris, rain, or additional material, you will be surprised when it still hangs on for the party.


Speaker Review

No metal, no problem! With the speakers ¼" -20 thread mount located on the bottom, you are open to a world of options. One of our favorite applications is using mounts commonly available for action cameras. For instance, lets talk suction cup and clamp on accessories. Just twist them on until secure, and you have a dynamic moving arm to position your speaker how you like. Perfect for situations like, clamping to a boat rail, securing to an atv, fastened to handle bars, or mounted on a roof rack while camping.


Blackfire's Wireless Magnetic Speaker is cross compatible with our Portable Power Station as well. Attaching from the rear you can equip yourself with the ultimate recharging station for your next camping trip and have the portable music to go with it. Keep your favorite playlist going and recharge via micro-usb right from the power station.


If you find you and your friends are going by foot, why not bring your speaker? With its molded in lanyard hole, you have the ability to slip through a wrist strap and certain carabiner style accessories. Whether its hands on, or hanging from a bag, the music can come to!

As a brand that is no stranger to durability, its construction is quite impressive! At first glance, you may think you just purchased a mini boom box that's built like a tank, and it's true. With its rugged design, recessed controls, and pronounced bezel, it's clear it's ready for abuse. With an IP45 water resistant design, getting caught in the rain at your next tailgating event won't be an issue. So don't worry, because life happens and so do accidents. With 6ft drop protection, you don't have to worry about a fall when placing your speaker up and out of the way. Go ahead, and stick it up top for all to see and hear.

In a world of Bluetooth connected devices, this speaker stands out not only for its mounting capability, but also its big time sound. On the rear, its bass boosted port produces a surprising amount of low end bass for how compact its design is. When stuck to metal surfaces you will find that the rear port and the mounted surface produce an improved acoustic sound working hand in hand.

Now we all know from time to time, there is always one person who calls right in the middle of your favorite song. With this speaker, you can answer hands-free, and let them know all about how they completely killed the mood with its built in mic. Just be nice, friends and family are what it's all about! That's why Blackfire is all about bringing more of those experiences and memories. Focus on your journey, your music, your life, and leave the rest to what Blackfire does best!