Prepare for California Power Outages

How to prepare for California Power Outages?

Right now, the state of California is experiencing record heat waves and extreme power outages. As a result, the state is on the verge of rolling blackouts. Due to this, the state has had to rely more heavily on natural gas to produce electricity to avoid power outages. 

On the other hand, Gov. Gavin Newsom's administration has been pushing to end the use of oil and gas. Newsom's administration has officially banned the use of all gas generators by 2024 and recently passed a policy to have all new cars, trucks, and SUVs run on electricity or hydrogen by 2035.

Due to the increased frequency of power outages from extreme heat, people need a new way to power up appliances such as CPAPs and refrigerators.

power station being plugged in to power device

A way to keep appliances and electronics properly running during California power outages is by using a battery-powered portable power station. A portable power station can come in as low as 100W and can exceed 2000W of output. These devices contain multiple power output ports, such as 120V AC, USB, UCB-C, and 12V, used for various applications. 

Another great perk about these portable power stations is the ability to recharge by the sun via solar panels rather than from traditional wall outlets.

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