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Whether you are lighting the evening in the outdoors or working on  the vehicle that gets you there, Blackfire has got the right light for you. With the options of magnetizing, twisting, and recharging, you are left with power to light the night or any emergency situation.

Flood light features

Worklight specsWhether you are camping, hiking on the trail, or in a power outage, having the right light in multiple situations can be crucial. With the new Blackfire Magnetic Personal Flood light, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to hands-free lighting. When it comes to your devices draining their battery, our flood light has you covered as well. With its unique charge out feature, you gain the ability to charge your cellphone or other small device any time you are stuck in a tricky low battery situation.

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Floodlight review

If working on your vehicle before your next excursion is your thing, this light is here to see you through the whole journey. Offering a handy magnetic attachment feature you gain the ability to stick 515 lumens anyway around your vehicle giving you hand-free lighting and enough lighting angles that are adjustable for any tricky angle. 

Charging Output

If your phone, headlamp, or any other small device is running low on battery, this is the light to get you out of trouble. With its charge out usb port option, you can plug in at a moments notice to give your device that extra juice when your need it most. Rechargeability gives you the advantage to stay ready at a moments notice.