What Is Snipe Hunting? Find Out Here!

Image of a fake snipe

What Is Snipe Hunting And Is It Real? 

Here you will get a basic overview of snipe hunting, how it started, and what you will need to do it! Go ahead and have some fun.

The Origins of Snipe Hunting

Snipe hunting is a myth or prank that has been popular in North America since the mid-1800s where someone who is new to the group for a weekend trip around the fire, or camping trip outdoors, or walk in the woods, is led to believe that there is a mysterious creature (otherwise called the snipe) lurking through the woods. They are told random stories of the creature and explained that they can easily be spotted and caught. Although there is an actual bird called a "snipe"  this is not in fact what the point of the hunt is as you will not be looking for a bird. 

The mysterious snipe is sometimes described to those participating in the prank as a cross between a rabbit, or a squirrel-like bird that can be very fury. Sometimes only coming out during a full moon. However, based on who you talk to, the description can become as creative as you would like. 

This prank is very common at summer camps and with boy scouts and has become a favorite campfire story shared with youth from generation to generation.

What's the point of snipe hunting?

The goal is to get a group of friends to believe your story about the mysterious creature called the snipe and begin on a journey into the dark or the woods to try and spot the creature. Sometimes those led to believe the hunt is real are given a bag or bucket to try and catch the snipe inside along with a flashlight to help spot it in the dark. 

The point of the prank is to get your friends to go stand in the woods with instructions on how to lure the mysterious snipe in by making noises or animal calls in an attempt to attract the fake creature. It can be quite funny watching your friends as they stand confused or looking like fools out making noises and searching through the woods. But its all in good fun. 

Snipe Hunting In The Woods

Here's what you will need for snipe hunting:

1. A bag or pillow case (Those hunting will think they can catch a snipe in this)

2. A flashlight or headlamp (For the hunters to see where they are going and spot the snipe)

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3. Bug spray (Usually in the woods, mosquitoes are never fun)

4. Imagination (You will have to tell a good story to get those hunting to believe you)


Final Thoughts:

Overall, the point of snipe hunting is to have fun, laugh, and prank your friends. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the hunt!

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